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Interactive Acres Preschool Academy is a preschool option located in Yucaipa, CA. We offer both part-time and full-time care. Our program focuses on hands-on, developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the many different areas of a child's development (including social-emotional skills, physical development, math, literacy, science and more). We offer small staff to child ratios and a loving, supportive environment for little ones. 


Interactive Acres plans many different kinds of activities and learning experiences to meet each child's developmental needs and prepare them for Kindergarten. Our activities/lessons are primarily hands-on, as to be engaging and developmentally appropriate for young children.


We tackle a variety of themes throughout the year, which include learning about diversity, health/safety/nutrition, cultures and holidays, as well as miscellaneous themes like ocean animals, dinosaurs, insects, and more.


Activities are designed to meet a variety of developmental areas, including social-emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, math, literacy, science, art, and more.

We also complete workbook based activities daily as part of preparing children for Kindergarten, giving them the opportunity not only to practice academic skills, but also how to use typical classroom materials like glue, scissors, and tools of measurement.


We also utilize activities and equipment from a school program called CATCH, which is a program that aims to get students engaged in physical activities and learn about nutrition. We do lots of physical activities including yoga, dance, and outdoor games.

We integrate helpful words and phrases in Sign Language every day. Sign Language gives children who are still  learning to express themselves verbally, another way to communicate their needs and thoughts. Integrating Sign Language also gives children a foundation for expanding their knowledge in the future. We also use it as an opportunity to discuss how different individuals may communicate in different ways.

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