COVID-19 Information

The health and safety of our children, families, and staff is our top priority. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be taking additional safety measures, including but not limited to:

1. A new open-air outdoor classroom area with ceiling fans and plenty of fresh air and shade.
2. Level 10 air filters in our classroom as well as a new ionizer air purifier cleaning system.
3. Our large classrooms will also be aired out when not in use utilizing cross breeze doors/windows and multiple ceiling fans.
4. Staff and parents will be wearing masks and adult drop offs and pick ups will take place outside of the classroom.
5. Temperature checks and symptoms of illness checks will be taken at the start of the day and as needed. We have a strict no illness policy.
6. Children will be taught in an age appropriate and engaging matter about masks, germs, hand washing, social distancing, etc through creative and fun activities.
6. Food/drinks will be prepared by adults wearing masks and gloves.
7. Extra deep cleaning and disinfecting measures will be included of toys and other surfaces.

To learn about our health and safety policies, please contact us at