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Minimizing Separation Anxiety and Preparing for First Day

Separation anxiety is a normal part of a child attending daycare or school, whether they are a first-time student or if it’s a new school. There are ways that you can minimize separation anxiety and help your child prepare for their first day with us.

What is Separation Anxiety? – Separation Anxiety is Anxiety related to a child being away from their parent or guardian. It is very natural and it usually gets better the longer the child is attending school/daycare

Preparing for your first day – There are a variety of ways you can prepare your child for school, which include:

· Reading stories about children attending school for the first time

· Having the child tour the school with you

· Showing the child a picture of their teacher(s) and meeting the teacher(s) before school

· Send child to school with a photo of family for them to look at if they feel sad. It’s ok to miss their family when they are at school!

Dropping Off – When dropping off your child on the first day, start a good bye routine. Good bye routines should be brief, can include a hug and or high five, and letting the child know they will have fun at school and you will be back. Good byes that are long, or not saying goodbye, can increase separation anxiety even further and can make drop-offs harder in the future. If you have any questions about setting a goodbye routine, please let us know and we would be happy to help. It is normal for a child to cry when being dropped off, especially if the parent is still there. Once the child is dropped off and family has left, we may begin redirecting the child to an activity. We will also provide support for the child throughout the day by assuring them it is ok to feel sad and mom/dad will be back soon. You can also contact us during the day if you would like reassurance they’re doing better!

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